The Trackify dashboard is where all of your data comes together in one place to give you an accurate heartbeat on your company and sales process.


KPI's show you in depth metrics based upon parameters that you created inside of or the default KPI's that come preset inside of Trackify.

Trends show you exactly what is happening inside of your sales team on a per day, per week, per month and per year basis. Call quality down this month compared to last? Close rate down from last week? These are examples of the data you can see inside of trends so you can make decisions to correct them.


Leaderboards inside of your dashboard give you a quick overview of who is leading the pack on your sales team and how well they are doing. We recommend making this known to your sales team to encourage competition and improve performance.

Daily Reports

Daily reports will show you an up to date look at your date on a per day basis so you can quickly see how things went. Think of this like a brief look at what time it is, but for your sales data.

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